Training and aircraft checkout


Flight Training

Club member flight instructors are available for checkout and instruction. Flight training is available for commercial, instrument, and flight instructor ratings as well as proficiency improvement. The club currently limits the number of uncertificated student pilots permitted to join the club in order to balance plane availability for all members. You may use your own instructor, subject to the instructor's approval by the club's Chief Flight Instructor (which may include giving your chosen instructor a club check out with an approved Club instructor). A list of approved instructors is available on our booking system.


Before flying any Club airplane, all pilots must comply with FAA requirements and pass an initial checkout by a Club approved instructor. In addition, a Club check ride is required of all members who have not flown the club aircraft within the previous 120 days. A Club check ride is also required if a pilot has not flown 12 tach hours within 12 calendar months of their last Club check ride, Biennial Flight Review (BFR), or newly earned rating.