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Welcome to 2017! This should be an exciting year. We have a new members flying with us, and have upgraded our aircraft.

With the resourcefulness of our club pilots, we were able to keep the finances within the club membership allowing us to avoid paying closing costs, higher interest rates and the additional administrative burdens of financing through the bank.

With our avionics update we are in compliance with the Congressional Mandate for General Aviation and ADS-B by 2020 and received the FAA Incentive rebate for our efforts.

I would like to thank Bruce Henderson for his many years of service to the club and welcome Chuck Martin as the new Maintenance Officer and Tom Beckett as our new webmaster.

As I enter my second year as the President, I wanted to remind all members that elections are coming up in May if you are interested in a more active role in the club.

If you have anyone who is interested in aviation, please bring them out to the airport and join us.

We will look to coordinate an all-hands club meeting in the spring at the airport, until then, Semper fly!

Remember, Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous, but is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.

The only thing that scares me about flying is the drive to the airport.

Doug “Smash” Yurovich

FAA Flying Club President


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TBD - August 2016


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